Many people who require professional care prefer to live in the familiarity of their own home.

Domiciliary care payroll service

The CARE Payroll Group can look after the payroll requirements of all types of domiciliary care workers and managers. We understand the demanding nature of payroll management due to the labour intensive nature of the work and the complexity of time management.

We can look after the whole process for you, including bringing new staff onto the payroll and ensuring that accurate records are kept at all times.

Running a payroll for domiciliary care workers takes a great deal of time and attention. The process includes:

* Ensuring that the client is properly registered with HMRC

* Process employees timesheets on a pay frequency of your choice

Payroll information received from a client is typically in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. This includes hours and rates, overtime, sleep in (night shifts) and holiday pay. Additional information may comprise calculation of pay and deductions i.e. SSP, SMP, AOE, student loan as well as P45 and P46 for new starters.

At the CARE Payroll Group, we pay close attention to the paperwork and processes at all times.